Have you been affected by the visa ban in the US?

Trump’s ban includes the J-1, and H-1B visa often used in the tech industry

On June 22nd, US president Donald Trump signed an executive order banning the issuance of several non-immigrant visas, including the H-1B, H-2B, L and J visas, until the end of the year. The Covid-19 pandemic may have postponed some plans, such as summer J-1s, internships and stints as au pairs in the US anyway. But this announcement means that those who had lined up employment in the US, or a transfer within their company to a US base, are now unable to take up their positions.

The H-1B visa is often used by workers in the technology industry, by academics taking up teaching posts, and those with specialist qualifications. The H-2B visa is for temporary, non-seasonal work, and the L visa is used for inter-company branch transfers. The J visa is well-known for the student working-summer programme, but it is also used by au pairs, research scholars and interns, among others.

If you have been affected by this change The Irish Times would like to hear from you. How have you been affected? Have you decided not to take up your new job or transfer? Are you going to work, but remotely from outside of the US until you are able to apply for your visa? Had you started preparing to move? Are you an employer in the US, who had hoped a new employee would start working for you?

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