This jewellery is so beautiful it gave me a pain in my stomach

Marian Keyes and her Sudden Wild Enthusiasms. This week, Dinosaur Designs jewellery

I suffer from the disease of ‘More’ – if one of a thing is good, then 16 is even better. If a recipe says to add one level teaspoon of cinnamon, I fire in four heaped ones. If a painkiller box advises me to take two, I take four. Or maybe six. Just to be on the safe side.

I do everything to excess. It's a terrible day when a new Sudden Wild Enthusiasm is upon me because there's every chance it will bankrupt me. However, a goo for high-end jewellery has never got a grip on me, thus saving me from a debtor's prison.

However, medium-spendy jewellery is a totally different matter. A few weeks ago I was in Australia and came across this fabaliss brand called Dinosaur Designs, which makes contemporary jewellery so beautiful it gave me a pain in my stomach.

The designer, Louise Olsen, uses both precious metals and resin, and her creations are inspired by the natural world. (But not in a bad way.)


The metal jewellery is quietly exquisite: strings of shells dipped in silver; delicate chains weighted with smooth golden pebbles; a brass pendant shaped like an orchid.

But, for me, the most exciting pieces are made from resin. Oh my God, they’re beautiful – chunky bangles, giant rings, amazing earrings and statement necklaces that look like coral.

And the colours! The Blu collection looks like the Barrier Reef. Through some jiggery-pokery, several blues are often in the one piece – they can look tie-dyed or marbled or like a single drop of navy ink was dropped into a jar of turquoise water. Likewise, the Forest range has a multiplicity of greens. And if colour isn’t your thing (although, why not?) there’s a black-and-white line.

Every handmade piece is eye-catching, eclectic and stylish, the sort of thing that will have people who previously mocked me for my ‘style’, looking at me with new-found respect.

As soon as I got on the flight home, I started worrying about the cost of importing more to Ireland. But, great news! They’ve a shop in London.