Sarah Mulholland: ‘I felt like I was making a really informed decision’

Bachelor in Commerce, University of Galway 2022

Sarah Mulholland: 'I now know how businesses run.'

I did the Bachelor’s in Commerce, and I graduated last summer, then I did my master’s in marketing. I think it gave me the opportunity to revisit my employability skills. Not only do you get a foundation in business, but also there is a skills pathway programme as part of the Bachelor’s in Commerce so just in case I decided not to go into the area of business, I always have those skills that I can transfer into other areas.

I now know how businesses run, I understand the corporate world, those types of things. In second-level school, there are a lot of business areas that you don’t cover. I made my CAO choice based on what subjects I enjoyed in school. I know that business was a subject I really liked. But I was very aware that there were elements I hadn’t studied, so like we didn’t do a lot of marketing in secondary school, and we didn’t cover areas like business information systems, so I didn’t want to take a leap and specialise in those areas.

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So, I decided to go in on a really broad route because it gave me a taste of everything, and I could see what I like then. So, when I was specialising, I felt like I was making a really informed decision rather than just taking a stab in the dark and hoping I liked it. — Shauna Bowers