Century: 1913 Lockout

The 1907 strike in Belfast united Protestant and Catholic workers but by 1913 the sectarian divide was a barrier too strong to breach, writes Peter Collins

President Michael D Higgins: ‘Knowledge of history is intrinsic to citizenship’

A plan to relieve the pressure on locked-out families by caring for their children in England provoked the ire of the Catholic Church, writes Theresa Moriarty

Locked Out seeks to recall in all its complexity the 1913 events that marked the coming of age in Dublin of the Irish labour movement

Labour activity and strikes in Galway and Sligo proved that the movement was not solely a Dublin phenomenon, writes John Cunningham

Adrian Grant traces the events in Dublin from the opening blows in the summer of 1913 to Jim Larkin’s order to return to work in January 1914


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