Health Scan: Susan Loughnane, actress


Do you think you have a healthy lifestyle?
At the moment, I live with a personal trainer and two models in London so it rubs off on me, even if I don’t want it to. I’ve learned loads from living with the personal trainer, little things like using coconut oil instead of butter and swapping potatoes for sweet potatoes.

How often do you exercise?
I walk everywhere which saves money on transport and that’s how I get my exercise. I live in central London so I can pretty much walk to auditions or to meet friends within a hour. If I’m really tired or I have my laptop with me, I’ll get the train home.
Do you get your five a day?
That’s the one thing I don’t do. I’d have a banana in the morning and I’d try to have two vegetables at dinner, but I don’t think I get five which is terrible. Probably about three I’d say. I take fish oils to help with learning my lines.

Do you worry?
I’m definitely a worrier. My mum says handwringing is her family gene. I try to stop myself if I can. I worry about all my family, even though there is nothing wrong with them. I don’t worry so much about work. It’s mostly about the people I love.

What do you do to relax?
I don’t relax very much. I love talking to people. I don’t spend a lot of time on my own. If I get time to relax, I’ll spend it with my friends or my flatmates. I go on Skype alot with my family if I’ve got free time or I’ll read biographies or thrillers.

What’s your unhealthiest habit?
I’m trying to cut down on drinking. I actually don’t really drink that much on a regular basis, I never have any alcohol in the house. When I go out with friends, I’ll only have one or two, but I still don’t like it. I don’t like how it affects me so I’m trying to wipe it out completely.

Susan Loughnane will judge Blossom Hill Ladies’ Day at the Dublin Horse Show, RDS on Thursday, August 8th.