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Private hope faces up to public reality in this illuminating dance show

Source South Studio


The challenge of any artistic statement is to create universality within the personal. This dance-work is performed by members of the drug recovery programme Rade and based on their individual stories, and their expressions of hope will resonate with everyone. Along the way they take swipes at societal greed and individualism.

Video projections of the white-clad performers show their bucket-list – owning a bakery, boxing, acting in Hollywood, lazing in the sun. These are contrasted with their live dancing, which illustrate a more visceral reality and dark struggles. Black buckets with lights inside are used in a multitude of metaphors, and choreographer Cathy Coughlan crafts the individual stories, projections and movement into a coherent whole, drawing on personal vocabularies of street dance and martial arts.


Some unison movement seems ill-fitting, but the performances are committed and nuanced. Ends Sep 19

Michael Seaver

Michael Seaver

Michael Seaver, a contributor to The Irish Times, is a dance critic and musician