Wye Oak: Shriek

Fri, Apr 25, 2014, 00:00



Wye Oak

City Slang


How does a band avoid being pigeonholed? Changing instruments is a good start. Despite receiving the best reviews of their career for previous release Civilian, Wye Oak’s fourth album moves away from their contemplative indie rock lows and towards 1980s-soaked synth-pop highs. It works a treat. With Jenn Wasner ditching her guitar for bass and drummer Andy Stack adding swathes of keyboards, Shriek is awash in touches reminiscent of Kate Bush, Talk Talk and Cocteau Twins. Wasner’s voice sounds suspended in a dreamlike state, which gives the delicate arpeggios of the title track and I Know the Law an airy, sweeping feel. Even when tempos quicken on Glory and Despicable Animals, the Baltimore duo preserve a calmly hypnotic ambience. Shriek is a giant leap forward, upward and beyond. wyeoakmusic.com
Download: The Tower, Glory, Despicable Animals