Rusangano Family take tea-based comedy to a new level

Plus: Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile (eek: Kurt and Courtney) craft a ramshackle gem


Tea in a Pot Escape Artist Records
"I'm not from the streets," Rusangano Family's MuRli concedes, somewhat unnecessarily, at the outset of the Limerick trio's latest single. When you're about to devote an entire three-minute rap song to extolling the virtues of imbibing tea, that admission possibly goes without saying. As far as hip-hop and tea drinking go, the comedian Doc Brown, brother of author Zadie Smith, got the jump on these guys with his YouTube hit My Proper Tea a few years ago. But the Choice Music Prize-winning trio raise the stakes by tucking into a plate of scones before the whole sordid affair is over. They were great at Electric Picnic, too.


Over Everything Matador 
The opening track from slacker power couple Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett's forthcoming joint album, Lotta Sea Lice, is a rambling six-minute anthem that tackles everything from songwriting to social awkwardness. In the video, Kurt and Courtney – that does have an ominous ring to it, doesn't it? – mime along to each other's lines, which only adds to it's ramshackle charm. (Also, for the record, they're not actually an item. I just felt compelled to coin the phrase "slacker power couple.")


My Yute
Blessed are two sisters from south London who've turned going to buy something in their local Spar into a whole big drama. Their EP See Through All The Colours is on Spotify now.


The Pale White are three vitamin D-deficient ne'er-do-wells from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Downer is a depressing new single from their self-titled EP, which is due out on September 29th. All in all, you'd have to say, this does deliver exactly what it says on the tin.