London Grammar hauntingly captivating on EP Main Stage

Hannah Reid’s vocals are icily precise in set worthy of headline slot

London Grammar

Main Stage


With a hazy, nighttime and moonscape shots twinkling as a backdrop, London Grammar have set the scene for the main stage set on Friday night. This is the bewitching hour, assisted by the swanky new neon blue Electric Picnic sign. The festival has finally found a simple image that works.


The visuals are a spectacle of Planet Earth proportions, lifting their music to cinematic levels, and Hannah Reid’s vocals are icily precise.

New song Non Believer hangs in the air, with images of the smoke of industrial chimneys billowing slowly. I had never consider London Grammar a headline act but they’ve stepped into the role, bringing what feels like a very carefully curated show with them.

Carefully curated until Reid breaks her serious composure, laughing at a guy doing the best interpretative dance she’s ever seen. We have our first hero of the weekend: guy in the grey shirt at London Grammar, we must see your moves.

Reid’s voice, a superpower in itself, takes the spotlight during Rooting for You. Perched on a step and wearing trackie bottoms and a leather jacket, the ease that Reid puts into such an all-encompassing performance like this is so damn casual, it’s both ridiculous and impressive.

Even though it lacks a little edge in places, their set is hauntingly captivating.

In three words: Unlikely heavy hitters

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