Phantogram: Voices

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Artist: Phantogram
Genre: Rock
Label: Universal Republic

Phantogram's debut (Eyelid Movies ) was never quite the sum of its parts. Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter talked a good game – and certainly played one too, with a fine live show – but the album was uneven and unfocused, as if a nagging desire to be Yeah Yeah Yeahs playing Sleigh Bells took precedence at all times. Voices does a lot to rectify this, especially as it's clear that the duo's songcraft and arrangements have improved enormously, helped undoubtedly by collaborations with Big Boi and Flaming Lips. John Hill's production keeps things smartly on the rails, but it's Phantogram's spine-tingling electropop and melancholic would-be anthems that are the real thrill here. Songs such as My Only Friend , Fall in Love and Howling at the Moon are rowdy, confident and compelling, making for an album which is a real treat.
Download: My Only Friend , Fall in Love , Howling at the Moon