O Emperor: Vitreous

Fri, Jun 7, 2013, 00:00



O Emperor

Big Skin Records


The Waterford band’s debut, Hither Thither, will one day be re-evaluated as one of the best Irish debuts of all time. On their follow-up (now minus the major label backing), O Emperor again artfully display complete originality, ever-progressing creativity and plain old fashioned musical brilliance. Against a Laurel Canyon backdrop, early Pink Floyd, mid- career Radiohead and Van Dyke Parks swirl around this joyful affair. The compact album (just the nine songs) has a woozy psychedelic-lite feel set alongside some post-rock excursions. Vitreous is the sort of album that should (but won’t) win the Mercury Music Prize instead of the usual look-at-me-I’m-dead-arty-and-cool rubbish that does. Begin with the sublime closing track This Is It and work your way backwards.
Download: Holy Fool, Contact, This Is It, Brainchild