Metronomy: Love Letters

Mon, Mar 10, 2014, 16:38


Love Letters


Because Music


Joe Mount is only too familiar with the proverb that patience is a virtue. Mount has plied his trade as Metronomy since 1999, but it was only with 2011’s The English Riviera that he hit his stride in gloriously idiosyncratic fashion. The Devon man and his bandmates continue to make brilliantly offbeat electropop on their fourth album. Mount’s timorous voice isn’t his strongest quality, but it is neatly woven into the fabric of these eclectic songs, be they hypnotic club grooves (I’m Aquarius), dark, intimate 8-bit-influenced creations (Monstrous) , or retro sci-fi Delia Derbyshire pastiches (Call Me). Elsewhere, it sounds as if Mount has immersed himself in Love’s Forever Changes on the trippy psychedelic pop of Month of Sundays, while the title track is positively 1970s disco with a side helping of melancholia. Signed, sealed and delivered with a humble yet triumphant flair.
Download: Love Letters, Month of Sundays