Meg Baird: Don’t Weigh Down the Light | Album Review

Fri, Jun 19, 2015, 00:00


Don't Weigh Down the Light

Meg Baird


Singer / Songwriter

This may only be her third solo album, but Baird has a decade-long history of collaborations behind her.

The New Jersey native has worked with everyone from Kurt Vile to Will Oldham, alongside her founding role in psych-folkers Espers.

Her solo material doesn’t stray too far from that band’s sound, with hushed vocals, dreamy harmonies and soft acoustic guitar the order of the day.

Twangy slide guitars melt into long, noodling psychedelic passages as heard on Stars Unwinding and Mosquito Hawks, but the upbeat strum of Good Directions breathes life into the tracklist.

Coupled with Baird’s often indecipherable vocals, it’s more of an album to drift off to than one to be intensely engrossed by.