Marlene Enright: Placemats and Second Cuts – accomplished debut with hints of Cathy Davey

Thu, Mar 16, 2017, 16:22


Placemats and Second Cuts

Marlene Enright



Marlene Enright impressed as co-vocalist of underrated Cork folk/Americana peddlers The Hard Ground, but she has come into her own on her solo debut. These 11 tracks, brilliantly played and superbly produced, are ambitious, free-flowing alternative pop songs that range from the playful stomp of 123 to the comparatively cacophonous Little Things. There’s more than a hint of both Cathy Davey’s vocals and her offbeat approach to melody on the loungey Alchemy, but When the Water is Hot takes a turn toward country, with the roll and thunk of percussion keeping time amidst the understated brass. Elsewhere, the snap and groove of Underbelly hits the sweet spot, and dashes of drama amidst the dreaminess on the sprawling When We Were in Trouble are riveting. All in all, it’s a seriously accomplished debut album.