Mark Pritchard: Under the Sun review - a strong statement from an intriguing figure

Thu, May 19, 2016, 22:00


Under the Sun

Mark Pritchard



You’d need a lot of space to sum up Mark Pritchard’s various projects, collaborations and releases.

From Global Communications, Jedi Knights and Africa Hitech to Harmonic 313 and NY Connection, his inquisitiveness about electronic music’s various waves has seen him seek to constantly put his own stamp on sounds.

Here, the producer sets the dials for a pastoral blend of grooves previously tended and raked by the likes of Boards of Canada and Ultramarine.

Accompanied by collaborators such as Bibio (adding a lovely lilt to Give It Your Choir), Thom Yorke, Beans and Linda Perhacs(who provides dreamy vocals on You Wash My Soul), Pritchard imbues tracks with both nostalgic swathes of sound and more menacing, martial percussion, such as on Infrared.

A strong statement from an always intriguing figure.