Charli XCX rounds up all the boys, and Kesha sits by the beach

Track of the week is summer crush mixtape fave Jessie Ware with “Midnight”

Jessie Ware - Midnight

Jessie Ware has come back in style, with a lush late 1970s groove about magic in the moonlight. There's a vamping piano in the bridge that is perfect for clicking your fingers to, and Jessie's powerful voice sits seductively in the upper register throughout. Put it on your summer crush mixtape immediately.

Hero of the week is Charli XCX, whose new video for Boys flips gender roles in music videos on their heads. Charli told the BBC: "I've been shooting this video with loads of boys in it. It's been boy-crazy." She went on: "There's a shower scene with Tom Daley – it's good! The men are basically doing all the sexy things that girls usually do in videos. They were super down and got right on board, it was amazing. They really went for it."

Meanwhile, Kesha told the Guardian about her perfect summer day. "My favourite way to listen to music is to pull out my old vinyl and take a trip to my music idols. Give me a beach by the ocean, my records and a record player on a lazy summer afternoon and I'm the happiest. There's a warmth and authenticity to listening to the music I love from the 60s and 70s on the original discs. For me, it gets no better than listening to the samples of The Beach Boys eating crunchy vegetables on their song Vegetables."

Zero of the week are people who try and view all women through the same lens, Haillee Steinfeld told the Guardian. "I felt that we've been accepting the compliment 'You're not like most girls' for a very long time. I have. I feel like there's been this golden standard or rule that in order to be special you have to be different to other women. Here I am singing this song about how most girls are beautiful, strong, independent, have so much to offer. And the headlines out of that were: 'Hailee tries on a bunch of wigs, shows off her midriff' or whatever. That's not what I'm trying to say."