Bonobo: The North Borders

Fri, Apr 5, 2013, 09:39


The North Borders


Ninja Tune


H H H H It was in 2010 when Black Sands elevated Simon Green to new heights as an electronic producer in many people’s eyes and ears. Few who followed Green’s trajectory from the get-go would have been surprised by this – or, indeed, by the gentle contours and beautiful widescreen sounds which dominate his fifth album. The Northern Borders is Green at his best, making warm- hearted, hazy, intricate grooves that coax you closer with their details. He has a canny knack of attracting the right voices, with Erykah Badu (alien soul from the far side of the moon on Heaven for the Sinner ), Cornelia ( Closer Pieces ) and Grey Reverend (the lush, strung-out First Fires ) adding some plush tones here. Cirrus is perhaps the best example of Green’s craft as an instrumentalist, a track full of emotional drive and aplomb. Time to hit the north.
Download: Cirrus , Heaven for the Sinner