Andrew Finn Magill - Roots album review: a serene and soulful collection

Thu, Sep 15, 2016, 13:29



Andrew Finn Magill

Independent Release


Serene and incredibly soulful, South Carolina fiddler Andrew Finn Magill encounters the tradition in a manner reminiscent of Keith Jarrett on The Melody at Night With You.

His bow hand traces gloriously lonesome paths through a thoughtful repertoire, and his choice of accompanists, in the persons of piper Cillian Vallely and guitarist/bouzouki player John Doyle is perfectly pitched. Magill’s marriage of The Castle Hornpipe with Fountain’s Hornpipe (the latter a high stepping, stately delight, with Vallely in full flight) is inspired, with ample space to let the melody lines speak for themselves.

Even his reading of the classic Róisín Dubh is a lesson in effortless interpretation, with ne’er an unnecessary ornamentation in sight. Magill releases a collection of his own original tunes on Branches this month, while on tour here.