Tricky - Ununiform review: Don’t be tricked into complacency

Thu, Sep 21, 2017, 07:22




False Idols

Hip-Hop & Rap

A low-pressure storm is brewing on Tricky’s 13th record. Intended as an album of contentment, Ununiform is the trip-hop producer’s take on personal peace. Tricky uses relatively unknown voices, as well as frequent collaborators such as Martina Topley-Bird, to lift menacing tracks that sound like his subconsciousness unfurling through subjects of love, family and death.

Cult Italian actor Asia Argento appears on Wait for Signal, a bittersweet song about a relationship in decline. Using Kazakhstani hip-hop act Scriptonite on four tracks creates a jarring juxtaposition of sensitivity and perceived hardness, particularly on Blood of My Blood. A cover of Hole’s Doll Parts, featuring LA singer Avalon Lurks, shouldn’t work but it does.

Ununiform will slow your heart rate right down while making the hair on the back of your neck stand tall.