The Man Whom


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New name, fresh approach, adventurous songwriter: that’s Wexford’s The Man Whom (aka Ian Doyle) for you. Bouncing out of the traps with little more than acoustic guitar, subtly arranged and played strings (by the Mamisa Quartet) and heartfelt notions of singer- songwriter expressiveness, Doyle might be mistaken for a downmarket Mumford Sons (whom he occasionally references) were it not for his obvious idiosyncrasies. Songs such as I Know Your Faceand The Man Who Knew Too Muchdisplay Doyle’s nifty craftsman- like process, while Call All the Peopleand Autopilothighlight a working knowledge of the kind of music and musings that have gained him comparisons to Villagers and Neil Young. Out of the blue, then – another new, good Irish singer-songwriter. See

Download tracks: I Know Your Face, Call All the People, The Man Who Knew Too Much