London Grammar need to learn when to break the rules

Thu, Jun 8, 2017, 13:22


Truth Is a Beautiful Thing

London Grammar

Ministry of Sound


Four years after their critically acclaimed debut If You Wait, it sounds like London Grammar have been more concerned with fine-tuning their sound than reinventing it; most of their second album follows the same musical blueprint as its predecessor.

That’s fine on the tracks that best capture intimacy, such as the striking Rooting for You and the fragile Wild Eyed, Hannah Reid’s divine vocals proving a highlight – but their minimalist palette of piano, strings and the occasional glitchy beat isn’t dynamic enough to sustain attention.

The lush, fuller-sounding dream-pop of Leave the War With Me is an improvement, yet there is a sense that the trio are continually holding something back. The result is an eloquent album, but one that’s a little too measured to be emotionally effective.