Francesco Turrisi/Andrea Piccioni/Fabio Tricomi


Zahr Taquin Records****

Francesco Turrisi, the Turin- born multi-instrumentalist, relocated to Dublin six years ago, and his impact on the city’s music scene has been considerable. Turrisi’s reinterpretation of the Irish tradition with his group Tarab was revelatory, and his piano trio has introduced a fresh voice to Irish jazz. With Zahr, he now delves into the traditional music of southern Italy, and particularly its intersection with the Arab world, with fellow countrymen and musical polyglots Andrea Piccioni and Fabio Tricomi. Along with noted Italian folk singer Lucilla Galeazzi, Turrisi & co strike a balance between tradition and originality, showing respect for the various exotic instruments they play – including the Arabic oud(a type of lute), the Persian kemenche(an archaic fiddle), the Sicilian zampogna(a kind of bagpipe) and an array of frame drums and tambourines - even as they take them into new territory. francescoturrisi. com