Donald Fagen


Sunken Condos Warner Bros****

Given Donald Fagen’s almost reluctant exploitation of what is generally accepted to be a truly remarkable talent, it might seem an impertinence to question whether at 64 he still has the chops of the man who helped create the great Steely Dan. His legion of seasoned fans can relax. Sunken Condos, his fourth solo album and his first since 2006’s Morph the Cat, is both fresh and frisky while still sounding as familiar and sharp as the best of his work. Indeed, tracks such as Weather in the World and Miss Marlene could slip easily into his oeuvre. There are typically jazzy influences, inventive brass lines, complex guitar and electric piano figures, layered over sassy melodies and insistent rippling funk. Yet though the gently percussive sound is redolent of old glories, Fagen’s sceptical voice remains, updated to suit his age and our time.

Download tracks: I’m Not the Same Without You, Weather in the World