David Kitt - Yous album review: The songwriter returns, older and wiser

DAVID KITTYous ****Self-released

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Genre: Alternative
Label: Self-Released

Just because you have been a constituent part of the Irish music scene for more than 20 years doesn't mean it owes you a living. Dubliner David Kitt learned that particular lesson the hard way, having released seven studio albums between 2000-2009 (five of original material, one of covers, and one of bits'n'pieces) to insignificant effect.

With the lethargic commercial nod towards 2009's The Nightsaver, Kitt realised that he would have to make some balanced decisions in order to survive. His own work was placed on hold, then, while he spent several years touring as part of Tindersticks and David Gray's band.

Clearly, Kitt has used this time to re-evaluate his precarious position, and so Yous lands with signature similarities but also a newfound musical freshness, depth and simplicity. Instrumentation is kept to a minimum – guitar and violin underpin throughout. The former is psych/groove-driven (and often exceptionally lyrical) while the latter fluctuates between urgent and sympathetic, occasionally atonal but always in keeping with the nature of the song.

Kitt’s unperturbed voice, meanwhile, mirrors the career path of its owner: it ploughs its own furrow, and as such – if allowed – charms you into ambling alongside it. Worth noting, as well, is Australian-born covocalist Margie Jean Lewis (also the violinist), whose complementary support is often the cream between the cake layers.


From start to finish, Yous is exemplary in its focus, a feature Kitt has perhaps lacked in the past. Tracks such as Cause for Leaving, Cling Film, Keep the Streets Empty for Me, Like Lightning, Song of Two Birds, There Will Always Be This Love, and Winter Song highlight Kitt's strengths as a songwriter, while the mood covering all like a comfort blanket is akin to listening to the Lost in Translation soundtrack as written by Velvet Underground.

It is, frankly, a very welcome return to form for a songwriter too many people had previously discounted. davidkitt.bandcamp.com

Tony Clayton-Lea

Tony Clayton-Lea

Tony Clayton-Lea is a contributor to The Irish Times specialising in popular culture