Allah-LasInnovative Leisure ***

There is always a burgeoning market for musical revisionism, and this Los Angles four-piece know there will be plenty of takers for a band in thrall to 1960s pop, jangle, garage-rock and colourful psychedelic rackets. As befits former record store clerks (and not any old record store either, but the fabled Amoeba in San Francisco), Allah-Las rigidly stick to the musical ley-lines that were set back in the mid-’60s. It’s Nuggets-fare for sure, an album of era- friendly jangles and surfy snarls such as Tell Me (What’s on Your Mind), Don’t You Forget It and Busman’s Holiday, all played and pitched to perfection. The only nagging quibble concerns the note-perfect recreations of past glories: surely looking forward is much more important than always looking back?

Download: Tell Me (What’s on Your Mind)