Africa Express: Maison des Jeunes Transgressive

Fri, Dec 27, 2013, 10:17


Maison des Jenues

Africa Express



There’s a precedent for Damon Albarn and friends taking over a Bambako youth centre (which gives Maison des Jeunes its title) and working with local musicians in the Mali capital. A few years ago, Albarn carried out a similar experiment in Kinshasha for his DRC Music album. Joining Albarn in Mali were Brian Eno, Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Two Inch Punch, Ghostpoet and many others. What they created with local musicians and singers is a wonderfully freewheeling collection of wonky pop. Soubour is an indelibly infectious groove pushed by Songhoy Blues and Zinner. Elsewhere, there’s plenty to take away from Moussé Traoré’s Farafina; the lively wash of Dougoudé Sarrafo from Bijou; and the brilliant, colourful wallop of Yamore from Gambari with Kankou Kouyaté. World music in the truest sense of the expression. JIM CARROLL

Download: Soubour, Yamore, Dougoudé Sarrafo