Monday: Peter Pan at the Gaiety



Peter Pan
Gaiety Theatre. Ends Jan 25 Mon-Sat 6.30pm (Sat mat 1.30pm, Sun 5.30pm) €19.50-€36

At any other point in the year, a radical reinterpretation of a classic text with a liberal amount of audience participation would be enough to strike terror in the hearts of theatregoers. At Christmas, we call this pantomime. For many kids, this is an introduction to live performance, and there will always be relatively new arrivals to the world who don’t know how things pan out for Peter Pan. Others of us will be surprised that he gets assistance from someone called Harry Snotter. The Gaiety is long enough in this game to know where any adjustments are needed, though. Like the title character, it’s important that the best panto never grows up.