Maniac Margaret On A Chase: Illustrated by Ayelet Lalor

School: Alexandra College JS, Milltown, Dublin 6
Class: 5th Class
Illustrator: Ayelet Lalor

Maniac Margaret On A Chase

“WHERE IS MY CHEWY TOFFEES!?” Maniac Margaret demanded. She could hear the children laughing as they ran away with her toffees.

“Oh no, how are we going to give her toffees if we have eaten them?” the children whispered as they hid under the kitchen table.

“Curse those children,” Maniac Margaret shouted very loudly.


“Run,” said one of the children.

One of the children bumped their head on the table and Maniac Margaret heard. The children quickly dashed out of the house and jumped on their bikes. Maniac Margaret called for Brian the mobility scooter and zoomed after them.

Margaret could see them in the corner of her eye, she blinked and the children were gone…