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Sat, Feb 11, 2017, 00:00


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Caroline Williams


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For those looking for a more scientific approach to their new year’s resolutions, Override: My Quest to Go Beyond Brain Training and Take Control of My Mind is a refreshingly addition to the saturated market of self-help books. As a regular contributor to New Scientist, Williams is adept at making the complicated accessible, particularly the grey area of “neuroplasticity”, the idea that our brains adapt to changes overtime. Her attempt to change her own brain takes us on a journey from PTSD care to meditation retreats, turning a much-needed sceptical eye on the very concept of self-improvement. More than debunking myths, Williams reveals a more nuanced understanding of how our brains really work that is both empowering and insightful. Override sets out to make the ideas at the forefront of neuroscience applicable to daily life, and it approaches the tedium of breaking bad habits with humour and insight. A self-help book for those used to breaking new year’s resolutions.