National Women’s Museum: Is it a good idea and who should it feature?

Have Your Say: The Cabinet has approved plans to examine the establishment of a museum to highlight the achievements of women


A new national women’s museum is being considered by the Government. Do you think it’s a good idea? Tell us what you think.

Would you rather women were better represented in existing Irish museums and historical monuments?

The idea with the new museum is to highlight the achievements of women in Ireland from all walks of life, contemporary and historical.

Which Irish women from history do you think should feature? Nano Nagle, Brigid of Kildare, Hannah Sheehy Skeffington, Margaret Skinnider or Maureen O’Hara?


Which modern-day women should feature? Mary Robinson, Sinéad O’Connor, Katie McCabe, Ruth Negga, Edna O’Brien or Vogue Williams?

Minister for Culture Catherine Martin is set to announce a new expert committee to advise on the representation of women and women’s stories within Ireland’s national cultural institutions.

This group will be asked to help existing cultural institutions to find gaps in their collections or programmes around the representation of women, with the group also tasked with proposing actions to address any gaps, with the National Women’s Museum one such proposal.

You can let us know what you think about a National Women’s Museum using the form below. Is this a project you’d like to see happen and if so who would you like to feature and why? Or do you think there are better ways to highlight Irish women and their achievements?

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