Former Defence Forces sergeant charged with sexual assault of two colleagues

Now-retired sergeant accused of sexual assault against two male colleagues before court martial in Dublin

A former sergeant in the Defence Forces has appeared before a court martial hearing to face charges of alleged sexual assault of two soldiers. The man accused of the sexual assaults against two former male colleagues, has since retired from the Defence Forces.

The court martial was due to commence on Tuesday at the Military Justice Centre in McKee Barracks on Blackhorse Avenue, Dublin. It was adjourned, however, for the preparation of reports related to the case and is due to come before the court martial, for a brief technical hearing, on Friday.

Reporting restrictions have been imposed, meaning neither the accused man, nor the alleged victims, can be named. Furthermore, no detail that may identify the accused or the alleged victims, or the location and circumstances of the alleged attacks, can be disclosed in media reports. The offences the former sergeant is charged with are alleged to have taken place in recent years.

The court martial system is designed for the enforcement of military law within the Defence Forces, with the prosecution and presiding judge as well as members of a panel, which acts as a jury, all drawn from the ranks of the military.


Serving or retired Defence Forces personnel before the court martial accused of offences are often represented by civilian solicitors and barristers. The court martial can deal with alleged offences under both military law and criminal law, including alleged sexual offences.

Conor Lally

Conor Lally

Conor Lally is Security and Crime Editor of The Irish Times