Working outside the office? Here’s the kit you need

If you want to be effective it pays make sure you have all the right equipment

The more mobile you are, the easier it is to work anywhere, anytime.

The more mobile you are, the easier it is to work anywhere, anytime.


Whether you’re working from home full time, living life as a road warrior, or simply working the occasional day away from the office, you’ll be more effective if you have the right digital infrastructure for remote work. Here’s a list of practical tools that can make your job a lot easier.

1. Your own hotspot

You can’t be dependent on the vagaries of coffee shop WiFi, so make sure you have a way of producing your own Internet connection anywhere, anytime. That could be as simple as using your phone as your backup connection, or buying a USB stick from your wireless company so you can access data from your laptop.

2. A great headset

Make sure you have a reliable headset for both your home and mobile phone. Using a headset lets you type while you talk – but one of the benefits of remote work is that you don’t have to sit at your desk. If you’ve got a call that doesn’t require note-taking, your headset lets you go for an energising walk, or gives you the time to clean up your desk (or your kitchen).

3. A power strip If you carry your own power strip, you’ll never find yourself in a café where all the power outlets are already spoken for: Just ask someone if you can unplug their computer so that you can both use your power strip.

4. Extra cables

Buy an extra charging adapter for your computer and extras cables for all your devices (phone, tablet, etc.). If you keep all your cables in your bag, rather than unplugging them at home every morning, you’ll never find yourself stuck without a way to charge.

5. Battery and car adapter

Carry an external battery that can charge your phone, and make sure you can also charge in the car. Better yet, buy an inverter that will allow you to plug your laptop into your car, so you can always take that crucial sales call from the privacy of your vehicle … without worrying that you’ll lose power mid-presentation.

6. A lightweight laptop

The more mobile you are, the easier it is to work anywhere, anytime.

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