Eir customer care staff to receive earnings increase of up to 17%

New agreement overhauls pay and bonus arrangements, says workers union

Staff working at customer care centres operated by telecom company Eir are to receive increases in earnings of between 10 and 17 per cent on foot of a new agreement, the Communications Workers Union (CWU) has said.

The union said the new comprehensive remuneration framework agreed with the company for staff in the three customer care centres in Sligo, Cork and Limerick overhauled pay and bonuses for senior agents and loyalty bonuses for over 600 staff working in the Eir customer care areas.

It said the new remuneration model included:

  • *increased base pay for agents, senior agents and team leaders
  • *clear, achievable bonus structure – based on three Key Performance Indicators
  • *introduction of standalone "attendance payment" for agents
  • *introduction of a "loyalty bonus"

The union said the new pay and bonus arrangements were in addition to the 2.7 per cent pay increase which it negotiated in 20200. It said Eir’s customer care workers would also be included in future collectively-bargained pay deals in the business.

CWU general secretary, Steve Fitzpatrick, said: "Eir's customer care function has been at the receiving end of a lot public criticism. We have long argued that a key factor holding back this key area within the company from delivering a world-class service has been the unacceptably high attrition rate among workers working in customer care. It has also been our position that all Eir workers are entitled to earn at least a living wage from their work. This pay agreement will help to address these staff retention issues and provide a career path for our members."

Fionnuala Ní Bhrógáin, CWU National Officer, said: “Ever since Eir decided to bring its customer care function back inside the company, we have been determined to make quick progress on securing improved levels of pay and working conditions. This substantial overhaul of pay and benefits, coming on the back of previous pay increases won for the centres, represents a real achievement for our members and demonstrates quite clearly the benefits of union membership.”