Run, Aer Lingus, run

It's good to see executives at Aer Lingus still have a finely-tuned nose for competition.

According to a witty report on, the very offbeat online news source for European aerosexuals, Aer Lingus's chief commercial officer Stephen Kavanagh will lead a team from the airline in a charity race in Hungary to find the "fastest airline in the world".

The Bud:Runway Run is a 12km race on the runways of Budapest airport, which will take place on September 6th. Kavanagh has promised he will take part. First prize in the team category is a cake.

There are other prizes on offer, including one for Fastest Airline CEO. There is no evidence that Christoph Mueller will take part. But if you set Michael O’Leary on him brandishing a merger proposal, the Aer Lingus boss would probably win this one hands down.

Fastest Airport CEO is also on offer. I wonder is there any truth to the rumour that former Dublin Airport Authority boss Declan Collier previously won this award when London City Airport offered him a route out of the world of semi-State pay caps.