Boost your creativity with Coffitivity

There's nothing worse than loud conversations and screaming babies to put you off your work while hanging out in the local café. But a moderate amount of background noise is beneficial to our creativity according to recent research (http://tinyurl.com/p7nba48). The research suggests a moderate (70 dB) versus low (50 dB) level of ambient noise enhances performance on creative tasks. The Coffitivity app team has created a suitable aural experience. The website version is free while the iOS apps are €1.79 each.


Make music from your DNA
Music in is my genes! No, really, it's in yours too and you can unlock it with DNA Melody, an application that translates genotypic information into music. To create a personal "soundprint" from your DNA, first order the DNA spit kit ($99) at 23andMe.com. After posting a saliva sample for analysis, log in and work on your masterpiece. The pitch, key, rhythm, and timbre of the music are automatically generated using aspects of your genetic information.

http://blog.23andme. com/ancestry/we-got-the-music-in-you/

Reaching Irish voters via Facebook
Voter turnout in Ireland has been on the increase since the late 1980s. Those who choose not to vote, however, tend to fall into a younger demographic. Perhaps this new Facebook app from the Referendum Commission will help boost figures among those in their teens and twenties. The app connects to a database to see, at a glance, if you're registered. If not, you can download the required forms and register to vote. Simple but potentially effective.