Web Summit ticket-holders not able to get into packed Lisbon venue

Matters not helpled as Paddy Cosgrave tweets that organisers thought of everything


The Web Summit might have moved to a bigger venue but problems with overcrowding have continued with many ticket-holders forced to watch Monday night’s opening ceremony on a screen outside the MEO Arena in Lisbon.

Attendees, many who had spent a small fortune on their ticket, were left in the cold after the organisers declared the event a full-house with 15,000 people inside the arena.

Matters weren’t helped by co-founder and chief executive Paddy Cosgrave tweeting that the organisers had thought of everything by lining up a screen outside the venue for late arrivals.

Using the hashtag #smalldetails, Mr Cosgrave boasted about how the Web Summit had put the screen in place “just in case” some people couldn’t get in.

Web Summit has long had problems with overcrowding and the move to Lisbon from Dublin was meant to resolve the issue.

Many frustrated ticket-holders responded to Mr Cosgrave’s tweet by asking why they couldn’t get in the arena after paying up to €800 on tickets.

“Appalling start, thousands outside unable get in to opening with no info on what the hell is going on!” tweeted Liam Fahy.

The situation was somewhat improved today with attendees gaining entrance this morning, but only after joining long queues.

“Not impressed with the @WebSummit organisation so far. It seems like attending this from outside the arena will be the norm,” said Cristina Purcar in a tweet outlining her difficulties getting in.

The Web Summit will continue until Thursday with 53,000 people from 167 countries expected to attend this week’s event.