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Polish app for soccer fans

USE:There are phrasebook apps for the general tourist in Poland ... and then there are apps for the soccer fan. How are you going to soak up the atmosphere if you can’t shout “You’ll never beat the Irish” in Polish? Polski Me is a lighthearted iPhone app that combines some key phrases with audio so that you can make your way about, order some food and of course, insult the opposition. Some other colourful phrases handily included for a vibrant social life while in Poland: “Have you been here before?” and “Wow! Are those real?”


Clean memory

DOWNLOAD:This is one for Mac users. Gather up all of your USB sticks, flash drives and external HDDs and give them a good cleaning. External memory is constantly being filled up, wiped, files moved and so on, which leads to lots of junk left behind.

This compromises storage but CleanMyDrive is a tool that detects and recovers wasted space. It also has a handy global eject feature to undock all external memory at once. Its downloadable from the Mac App Store.


Analyse what’s on social networking sites

LEARN:Tawlk is a tool for analyzing what is being said about certain topics on social networking sites. I searched for “Leaving Cert” and Tawlk calculated that sentiment was 82 per cent negative, which is probably not surprising! It pulls in images, posts and link across Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Wordpress blogs and more, analyses the data and provides a stream of associated content for you to browse through.


Connect your connections

VISUALISE:How do you use LinkedIn? If you have a large network of connections chances are they are from various parts of your professional life; company connections, graduate connections, clients and friends perhaps. Its hard to see how they are interlinked. LinkedIn Maps is a great tool that clusters your network visually into distinct groups with the ability to label these clusters. Dig deeper by clicking on individual connections and highlighting their ties within your group. Insightful.