Unbubble brings neutral, uncensored web search

German-developed metasearch engine cross-references results to deliver neutrality

Search-engine neutrality is a difficult one. We know that companies can pay to get their advertised links pushed to the top of results and this era of personalised tech means everyone gets different search results depending on their location, device and search-engine history.

Unbubble is a European search engine that promises to smash all of these filters and deliver pure, uncensored search results.

Developed by German software engineering company Sasse, Unbubble is a metasearch engine, meaning it pulls results from existing search engines such as Google and Bing.

The neutrality is delivered, in part, by cross-referencing results, for example comparing their keywords across all search engines.


Additionally Unbubble doesn’t store any user data and encrypts its internet connection as well as the user’s origin so, in theory, you won’t be followed by a trail of cookies.