Skype’s mobile screen sharing lets you seriously overshare

Weblog: Share documents, websites and even potential dates on the go with this feature

Skype screen sharing is now available for Android and iOS

Skype screen sharing is now available for Android and iOS


Between FaceTime, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Skype has been taking an increasingly smaller slice of the video chat app market in recent years. A new screen-sharing feature might change this. Screen sharing has long been a popular aspect of Skype for desktop users: business conference calls often include the sharing of PowerPoint presentations or collaborative work documents.

This feature is now available for Android and iOS, making it easier to share a view of your documents on the go or, even better, talk to friends about that upcoming group holiday while scouring the web for hotel deals as they watch. And if you’re really into oversharing, you can share a screen with a best bud and get their moral support while deciding to swipe left or right.

Screen sharing for Skype isn’t yet available as a general update, but it is possible to access this feature by signing up for the Skype Insider programme to get your hands on an early build.