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SayWhat: a video version of Urban Dictionary

Video guide app explains modern slang terms such as twerking and duck face

SayWhat: You’ll find US teens on the app explaining puzzling slang terms

There’s an old saying that the internet is dark and full of terrors . . . or maybe that saying is about the night and I’ve been watching too much Game of Thrones.

Either way, the interwebs can be a scary place to navigate for older folk (anyone over 30); full of memes you’ve never encountered and three-letter acronyms you don’t understand. It’s okay, there’s an app for that.

SayWhat is a video guide to current (and mostly web-based) slang: it’s a bit like Urban Dictionary but with American teens explaining things like twerking and duck face. It may be useful but it has Vine-like video playback on a loop, which gets irritating very quickly.

Also, I still have no idea what “on fleek” means but suspect it has something to do with reaching Cara Delevingne heights of eyebrow perfection.

The SayWhat app is available for Android and iOS but you’ll probably get annoyed and delete it so just visit the website and have Urban Dictionary open in an adjacent tab.

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