Samsung Galaxy XCover 5: Easy to use and hard to break is the motto

Review: Rugged but sensitive phone protects against water and can be used with gloves

Smartphones have become an important part of lives, taking responsibility for managing everything from our fitness and our finances to our social lives. But they're also a little more delicate than we'd like, despite the strides made in durability over the years, especially for those who may be working in more phone-unfriendly environments. Enter the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 (€379), a rugged phone that is made to survive. Not only does it have protection against dust and water, with an IP68 rating, it is designed for use with gloves, with a more sensitive touchscreen than your standard smartphone. "Easy to use and hard to break" is the motto here; it has military-standard certification and enhanced shock absorption that makes sure it won't shatter should you drop it from a few feet.

The battery is replaceable, too, which eliminates any anxiety over potential loss of power at a crucial moment – simply swap and go. On the inside, it comes with Samsung’s Exynos850 processor, 4GB RAM and up to 64GB internal storage. The camera, should you need it, is a single 16 megapixel f/1.8 rear camera, live focus, and a 5 megapixelfront camera for video conferencing.