Retro gaming made simple

Mini Emu offers console emulators in one box. From €169


If you’re a retro-gaming fan this might interest you. The Mini Emu is a games console that is built on open-source software, bringing multiple emulators to a single box that you can put in your living room.

There are thousands of games out there available on emulators for systems such as the Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive, Playstation and Gameboy among others.

The Mini Emu gives you easy access to them, building the system on a Raspberry Pi and also throwing in a media centre for good measure.

The Kickstarter project offered a super early-bird version for €99, but the cheapest you’ll pick it up for now is €169 with a 32GB card.

It doesn’t include copyrighted works – because that would be infringing copyright, of course – but it plans to have as many as 40 emulators installed by the time the console launches, and the more tech savvy buyers can add their own.