OneSonic Quattro: A must-have speaker for summer

Robust, well-built device from Dublin-based company will go the distance

OneSonic Quattro
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OneSonic Quattro


The OneSonic Quattro is trying to make a name for itself in the crowded field of portable speakers. And while it can be hard to stand out, the OneSonic device manages to do so, and establishes itself as a must-have for whatever passes for summer this year.

There are several reasons. First and foremost, it’s a homegrown brand; OneSonic is Irish, based in Dublin. Secondly, the Quattro looks less like a pillbox and more like a robust machine that will go the distance. And that’s before you get into the different functions it offers.

As far as portable speakers go, the OneSonic Quattro is probably a little larger than most. It weighs in at 2kg, so it’s not something to toss in your bag and keep it there just in case you need it. But it has a carrying handle and a strap, so moving it around from place to place is relatively simple.


The Quattro is made to take a few knocks. It even has and IPX6 rating, which means it is protected from high pressure water streams. Rubber feet on the bottom keep it stable. But although it’s sturdy, it still looks sleek, and it isn’t something you’ll want to hide away.

On the top, nestled under the handle are the power button, volume controls that double up and music controls, and the mode switching button that allows you to change between bluetooth and aux mode, control the EQ and link up two speakers.

Soundwise, the speaker is a great allrounder, with bigger sound than you might expect. That’s because there are four speaker drivers in the Quattro – hence the name – with two 20W and two 10W working to give you the best sound possible.

During the course of the review, I put the Quattro through a number of different scenarios, including linking it up to an iPad for Netflix sessions, and it more than held its own.

There are three EQ settings on the speaker – standard, outdoor and 3D – and you can switch between them by double pressing the multifunction button. There is a noticeable difference between the three audio modes as you toggle between them; it will be a matter of personal preference what mode suits you. Outdoor was my personal choice for movies, TV and streaming.

When it is connected to your phone, it automatically acts as a handsfree speaker for your calls. If a call comes in, it simply switches over to your phone. Audio quality is okay, as long as you are in decent range of the speaker’s microphone. Too far away and the sound on the other end of the call can be a little distorted.

If you can stretch to two of the speakers, you can also link them up for true wireless stereo audio, which will give you surround sound from your speakers.

The Quattro has decent battery life too. It takes about three to four hours to fully charge the speaker’s internal 7000mAh battery through the USB C connection, which will give you between 10 and 12 hours of playing time. It can also charge your phone or other USB device, through the port on the rear. It’s not an essential feature but it’s a handy one, particularly if you plan for using the Quattro for your summer entertainment.

The good

The Quattro speaker is well-built, sturdy and produces some great sound. It’s also multifunctional. Not only does it work as a bluetooth speaker, it also acts as a handsfree speaker for your calls, or a powerbank for your USB devices. Link two together for true wireless stereo sound, and you get surround sound from your speakers.

The not so good

If you are looking for something you can throw in your bag for emergencies, the Quattro probably isn’t it. At just over 2kg, it’s still portable, thanks to the carry handle and strap, but it’s not a speaker you can forget about.

The rest

The charging cable is included in the box, as is the 3.5mm aux cable for hooking it up to devices without bluetooth. What’s not included is the plug to charge it, but by now most people will have more than one of these USB chargers hanging around the house.

The verdict

A great addition for your summer entertainment, home and away.

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien is an Irish Times business and technology journalist