Logitech takes iPad Mini protection to AnyAngle

Protective case doubles as a stand for your Apple tablet


It’s typical: we spend a few hundred euro on a tablet that has its design fine-tuned down to the last metal detail and the first thing we do is house it in metal or plastic to keep it pristine.

But like it or not, these things are delicate and slapping it into a case is probably the only way they will remain in full working order if you are less than delicate with your electronic devices.

So you may as well get something that is not only protective, but useful too. The Logitech AnyAngle Case gives your iPad Mini the protection it needs but also functions as a nifty stand when you need to prop it up to watch a movie, browse the web or read a book, for example.

The front cover bends to provide a stand that can be adjusted in a 50 degree angle range, while the rear cover provides a thick bumper between your iPad and the concrete. Hidden magnets stabilise the stand so you can pick up and move your Apple device without altering the viewing angle.

There’s a see-through panel at the rear of the case that allows you to glimpse the back of the device that Apple spent so much time and money designing. logitech.com