JBud Frames: Turn your glasses into smart specs with sound

Tech Tools: JLab’s new wireless audio buds can be attached to any pair of frames

Facebook and Ray-Ban may be the latest brands to get in on the smart glasses game, but not everyone wants a camera on their face around the clock. Audio brand JLab is offering consumers the option of just adding wireless audio to their glasses or sunglasses with the JBuds Frames. The frames are essentially the open ear speakers and microphone that you find on the Huawei Monster II or Ray Ban Stories glasses, that can be attached to the temples of your chosen frames, with silicon sleeves that will adjust to the frame size.

"We loved the idea of what was happening in the audio-equipped frames category, but their price and design don't match the needs of the typical consumer," said JLab chief executive Win Cramer. "Besides price, one of the biggest flaws we saw was in the eyewear design and how the audio components were integrated."

The frames are independently operating, with 16mm drivers. On the plus side, you are aware of what’s going on around you, so they can be used for cycling, walking, running and other sports where you need to keep y our ears open. On the downside, anyone standing too close is likely to hear what you are listening to, so it may not be a good idea to take phone calls on the bus, for example.

Battery-wise, you get about eight hours of listening time, and the frames have an IPX4 rating, which means yes to splashes , no to dunking them in water.


Not only can the frames can be put on any pair of glasses you own, they are also significantly cheaper than the other offerings, at €59.99.