Houseparty kicks off as Meerkat goes to ground

Weblog: Life On Air’s new group chat app with live streaming video already has a million users

Houseparty: like WhatsApp  but with live streaming video

Houseparty: like WhatsApp but with live streaming video


Before Facebook had a “Go Live” video streaming option, there were the one-to-many video broadcasting apps Meerkat and Periscope (all the way back in early 2015).

Meerkat came on the market first and grew in popularity – bolstered by Twitter as a platform – before Twitter acquired its own version, Periscope, pushing Meerkat out of the limelight.

Meerkat’s maker Life On Air announced on Twitter that the app was now retired and no longer available on the Android or iOS app stores. However, Life On Air was already working on a new group video chat app called Houseparty, which now has about one million users.

Houseparty is all about live video but is centred on private chatrooms where friends can talk together, rather than one-to-many public broadcasts. Each group or “room” in Houseparty is created or joined by the user, much like WhatsApp groups but with live streaming video.