Google Nest Hub: Ace of bass and now with sleep sensing

Put the Nest Hub by your bedside and it will monitor your movements and breathing

Google's Nest Hub is getting an update. The new version of the smart display looks very similar to its predecessor but there have been a few tweaks – a 50 per cent bass boost over the previous model for better music and movies, for example. But most notable is the addition of sleep sensing. Put the Nest Hub by your bedside and the sensors in the device will monitor movement and breathing, even down to snoring and coughing using the device's Soli-powered Motion Sense feature. That can be fed back to the Google Fit app to help you analyse your sleep quality alongside other health and fitness data. The Hub is camera free, which makes it less creepy to have in the bedroom, and sleep sensing is completely opt-in. The new version will be available to Irish shoppers from May 4th.