Food fare serves thousands of Web Summit visitors

Tastings and talks draw crowds to Herbert Park

Each day of the Web Summit thousands trekked over a river and through a wood to get lunch at the Food Summit in Herbert Park.

Organised by Good Food Ireland, it's being billed as the largest display of Irish food in one place and about 54,000kg of hot food was served over the three days.

The tastings went down well, though some complained about the 15-minute walk to the park. Lunch was not the only thing on offer. There were talks on such topics as the restaurant of the future – which will effectively be a kitchen with no seating, according to Noah Glass of mobile ordering app Olo – to why we should eat insects, because Leslie Ziegler of Bitty Foods is making protein-rich treats with cricket flour.

It was largely standing room only. "It was too massive and you couldn't really sit down," said Daan Reijnders from the Netherland. "These three days are quite intense, especially if you exhibit your company for one day. It would have been nice to sit down for 10 minutes."