Control HomePod Mini-compatible devices with voice commands

Tech Tools: Apple smart speaker becomes heart of smarthome instead of your phone

Eye-catching new colours join the HomePod range.

Eye-catching new colours join the HomePod range.


Apple HomePod Mini (€99)

Apple’s HomePod Mini may have been available to officially buy in Ireland for several months now, but your choices have so far been limited to grey and white. Great for blending in, but not so much if you want to stand out. Last month, the tech giant announced it would be adding some eye-catching new colours to the line-up, with blue, yellow and orange joining the HomePod range.

Music too

There are some good features on the HomePod Mini that make them worth considering. The smart speaker sits in your Apple Home set-up to control compatible smarthome devices with voice commands, becoming the heart of your smarthome instead of your phone.

It also does a great job of playing your music, despite its small size. Two devices in the same room can be linked for stereo sound, and if you have an Apple TV 4K box, it can be linked to allow the HomePod Minis to act as home cinema speakers. As an added bonus, if you have Apple AirTags you can ask Siri on your HomePod Mini to find your lost item.