Colm Meaney brings a touch of Roddy Doyle to the ‘Star Trek’ universe

Viral images boldly puts some Barrytown phrases where they have not gone before

Colm Meaney puts Barrytown in space

Colm Meaney puts Barrytown in space


This fantastic homage to Roddy Doyle boldly goes where no one has gone before: inside the head of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine’s Chief O’Brien aka Sharon’s da. Recaptioned scenes from both Star Trek series see Roddy Doyle’s patriarch stumble through life on the USS Enterprise and the Deep Space Nine space station, looking for rasher sambos, getting gee-eyed with Dr Bashir, and telling Keiko to hurry up with the dinner.

Colm Meaney’s very Irish facial expressions are perfectly matched with more realistic dialogue and thoughts. One sly sideways glance at Lieutenant Worf and of course he’s thinking: “Sure if there was work in the bed, you’d sleep on the floor.”

Most of the time he’s dreaming of coddle and Guinness unless he’s wondering if the holodeck can conjure up some ladies of the night or sweating like a Dub on the wrong side of the Liffey in case the USS Enterprise gets caught without a tax disc at the Gardaí checkpoint.

Hats off to the creator behind this Facebook page and Twitter account, both of which are going viral in Ireland and beyond.